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Diversity Visa Lottery Winners Only

Win the Green Card Lottery!
Table of Contents

Welcome to the Table of Contents for Win the Green Card Lottery!

The 2014 edition is available on Google Play. There were no changes in requirements for the 2015 lottery (DV-2017). We include DS-160 immigrant visa processing guidelines for winners, an expanded explanation of the odds of winning, information on same-sex marriages, and more. This is the most complete and popular guide ever dedicated to the Diversity Visa Lottery. The free version (Chapters 1-3) has been downloaded over 20K times.

Our booklet is available (in PDF) from Google Play at a discounted price of under USD $35. It is available worldwide in multiple currencies.

Get Win the Green Card Lottery NOW

Table of Contents

Front Cover i
Title Page ii
Copyright Page iv
Table of Contents v
About the Authors xvii
Acknowledgements xix
  Audience 1
  Figure the Odds 2
  Using This Booklet 2
  Electronic Registration Only 2
  Registration Dates 3
  Which Title Do You Need? 4
  Download our Slide Presentation 5
  Take Our Survey 5
  About Us 6
  Service Providers--Complete Our Questionnaire 7
  Future of the Lottery 7
  Will Congress Abolish the Green Card Lottery? 8
  Keep Current 8
  Rip Off Alert! 8
  Disclaimer 8
CHAPTER 1 Introduction 9
Applying - A Brief Overview 10
  Step 1 Determine if You (or Your Spouse) are Eligible 10
  Step 2 Complete the Electronic Diversity Visa Entry (EDV) Form 11
  Step 3 If You Win Choose Whether to Adjust Status in the U.S. or Apply for an Immigrant Visa Outside the U.S. 11
  Step 4 Prepare for Your Interview 12
  Step 5 If Your Immigrant Visa is Approved Enter the U.S. Within Six Months 12
What is a Green Card? 13
What is the Green Card (Diversity Visa) Lottery? 14
  How It Began 15
  Todays Lottery System 15
  How Many Diversity Visa Winners Are There Each Year? 16
  What The DV? Name Means 16
  When Can I Apply? 16
  What are My Odds of Getting a Visa? 17
  Countries with the Highest Odds of Winning 18
  Will My Spouse and Children Also Get Green Cards? 20
   Important Dates and Deadlines for DV-2016 21
Pros and Cons of Becoming a Permanent Resident 22
  Benefits 22
  Limitations 22
  Travel Restrictions 22
  You Must Renew Your Green Card in 10 Years 23
  Benefits of Citizenship Versus a Green Card 24
Where to Get the Latest Information 24
  State Department Diversity Visa Lottery Hotline 25 25
  State Department Web Site 25
  State Department Visa Bulletin 26
  Changes Resulting From Sept 11, 2001 26
  U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) 27
  The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) 28
  Customs and Border Protection (CBP) 29
CHAPTER 2 Registration Instructions 31
Fill Out the Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form 31
  If You Use a Lottery Service
  Validate your Photo 32
  PART ONE Entrant Information 32
  1. Full Name 32
  2. Date of Birth 33
  3. Gender 33
  4. City Where You Were Born 33
  5. Country Where You Were Born 33
  6. Country of Eligibility 34
  7. Applicant Photograph 34
  8. Mailing Address 36
  9. Country Where You Live Today 37
  10. Phone Number (Optional) 27
  11. E-mail Address (Optional) 38
  12. Education 38
  13. Marriage Status 38
  PART TWO - Derivatives 39
  Spouse Information 39
  14. Children's Information 41
  When You Are Finished 42
  Keep your Confirmation Number 42
When to Apply 43
  Only Apply During the Registration Period 43
Submitting Multiple Applications 44
  If You Are Selected 45
Already Have a Non-Immigrant Visa? 45
  How to Prove Non-Immigrant Intent 46
Why Visa Lottery Registrants Are Disqualified 47
  Problems with Your Photograph 47
  Not a Native of a Visa Eligible Country 47
  Sending in Multiple Applications 47
  Insufficient Biographical Information For Spouse and Children 47
CHAPTER 3 Using a Lottery Service or Agent 49
Why Use a Visa Lottery Service? 49
  Advantages 50
  Disadvantages 51
  Guidelines for Lottery Entrants 53
Green Card Lottery Services 55
  Our Lottery Service Classifications 55
  Reviewed Websites 56
  Poorly-Rated Web Sites 57
  Our Review Criteria 57
   Disclaimer 57
How to Protect Yourself from Immigration Fraud 58
  Who Is Allowed to Represent You to the USCIS 58
  Beware Of Notarios 60
  Those Unauthorized To Practice Law 61
  Preventative Measures 62
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CHAPTER 4 Residential Requirements 63
Geographic Regions
Eligible Countries for Calendar Year 2014 ("DV-2016") 64
  REGION 1 (Africa) 64
  REGION 2 (Asia) 64
  REGION 3 (Europe) 65
  REGION 4 (North America) 65
  REGION 5 (Oceania) 65
  REGION 6 (South America) 66
Ineligible Countries for Calendar Year 2014 ("DV-2016")    66
"Low Admission" and "High Admission" Countries 67
  About Low and High Admission 67
  Low Admission Example 67
  Very Low Admission Countries for DV-2015 68
CHAPTER 5 Personal Requirements 69
General 69
  You Must Be Born In Or Chargeable To a Visa Eligible Country 70
  Dual-Citizenship Does Not Help 70
  AND You Must Have a Secondary Education 70
  OR You Must Have Two Years Recent Work Experience in a Specific Occupation 71
  If You Do Not Have the Required Education 71
DACA Applicants and the Lottery 71
Rules for Immediate Family Members 72
  Dependents 72
  Married Applicants 73
  Same Sex Marriages 73
  Unmarried Applicants 73
  Marriage After Registration 74
  Unmarried Minor Child 74
  Child Born or Adopted After you Applied 74
  Child "Aging Out" and the "CSPA" 75
  Elderly Parent 75
  Death of the Principal (Primary) Applicant 75
Rules of "Chargeability" 76
  If Your Husband or Wife is Born in a Visa Eligible Country 77
  Chargeability Example #1 77
  Or, If a Parent Is Born In A Visa Eligible Country 77
  Chargeability Example #2 78
  Chargeability Example #3 78
If You Are In the US Illegally 79
  Should You Contact Your U.S. Congressman? 80
CHAPTER 6 Determine if You Won and What to do Next 81
Check Online to See if You Won 81
  Step 1 Confirm Your Qualifications 85
  If You Have a Change of Address Inform the KCC 85
  Step 2 Decide Where You Should Apply for Your Green Card 86
  Use INFOPASS to Schedule an Appointment with Your Local USCIS District Office 87
  Step 3 Pay the Immigrant Diversity Visa Surcharge Fee (Only if Processing in the U.S.) 87
  Step 4 Submit and I-485 (Application to Adjust Status) or DS-260 (Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application 88
  Step 5 Prepare Supporting Documents 89
  Step 6 Decide When You Should Apply for the Green Card 90
  Step 7 Prepare for and Attend Your Interview 90
Your Ranking Number and the Visa Bulletin 91
  Find Out if You are “Current” with the Visa Bulletin 91
  Definition of “Current” 92
  Important Dates 95
  If You Did Not Win 97
  If You Win and You Live Outside the U.S 97
  If You Win and You Live Inside the U.S. 97
  Why Use an Immigration Attorney? 98
CHAPTER 7 Consular Processing 99
Applying for an Immigrant Visa at a U.S. Consulate 99
  Winning Notification Letters are No Longer Mailed 99
  Your Case Number 100
  Submit Form DS-260 Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application 100
  Do Not Send Original Documents 101
  DS-2001 Form 101
  Pre-Interview Instructions 102
  Consular Processing Fees 102
Prepare Required Documents 103
  Translation Requirements 103
  Proof of Education 103
  Birth Certificates 104
  Marriage Certificate 105
  About Same-Sex Marriages 105
  Vaccination Certificates 105
  HIV Tests and HIV Waivers (No Longer Required) 105
  Passport 105
  Photographs 106
  Past Addresses 106
  Court and Prison Records 106
  Deportation Documentation 107
  Police Certificate Records 107
  About Police Certificates 108
  Countries That Do Not Supply Police Certificates 108
  Arrest and Court Records 109
  Police Clearance Certificate Example 109
  Background Checks by the U.S. Consulate 109
  Military Service Records 109
  Evidence of Financial Support and Form I-134 109
  If You Cannot Obtain All the Required Documents 110
  Deportation Documentation 111
Your Interview with the U.S. Consulate Officer 111
  Prepare for Your Interview 111
  Medical Examination 112
  Transferring Your Immigrant Visa Interview to a Different U.S. Consulate 113
  What to Expect 113
  Approval 114
  Include Care of on Your Return Address 114
  Green Card Issues with a Mistake? 114
Consular Denials 116
  Poor Preparation 116
  New Regulations 116
  Poor Quality Photographs 116
  Consular Denial 117
  If Denied Get Immediate Help 117
  Apply for a Waiver of Inadmissibility with Form I-212 or Form I-601 117
  If Your Waiver is Denied 118
CHAPTER 8 Adjustment Of Status (AOS) in the U.S. 119
Choosing Between AOS and Consular Processing 119
  Filing an AOS Application in the U.S. 120
  Winning Notification 120
  Your Case Number and Ranking Number 121
Eligibility 121
  If You Are Out of Status for More than 180 Days But Less than One Year 123
  If You Are Out of Status for More than One Year 124
  Existing AOS Pending Through an Employer 124
  Filing AOS After Entry to U.S. Through Visa Waiver Program and/or Filing AOS After Entry to U.S. Less than 60 Days 125
General AOS Processing Steps 126
  Filing the AOS Too Early (Before Ranking Number is Current) 127
  List of Required AOS Documents 127
  AOS Forms 129
  Special Notes About Certain Forms 129
  No Petitioner in Diversity Lottery Visa Cases so No I-130, I-140, I-864 or I-134 Required 130
  AOS Fees 130
  Proving Employment and Definition of “Public Charge” 131
  Translation of Foreign Language Documents 132
  Mailing the AOS Forms, Supporting Documents, and Fees 133
  If Your I-94 Card is Lost 134
  Adding a Document to the AOS after You Mailed it to the USCIS 134
  Changing Your Address with USCIS after Filing Your Adjustment Of Status Application 135
  Traveling After Submitting the AOS Package 137
How to Handle Your USCIS Green Card (Adjustment of Status) Interview 138
  Prepare for Your Green Card Interview
  Approval 139
AOS Denials 140
  Applying for a Waiver of Inadmissibility with Form I-212 or I-601 141
  Filing a Motion to Reopen 141
  Top Reasons for “Inadmissibility” 142
  Criminal Behavior 142
  Ill Health 142
  Other Reasons 143
CHAPTER 9 Other Ways to Get a Green Card 145
Major Visa Categories 147
  Non-Immigrant Visas (Temporary Stays) 147
  Immigrant Visas (Permanent Residence) 148
  Limited versus Unlimited Immigrant Visas 150
Family-Based Green Cards 150
  Immediate Relatives Category 151
  Family First Preference (FB-1) 151
  Family Second Preference (FB-2) 151
  Family Third Preference (FB-3) 151
  Family Fourth Preference (FB-4) 152
Other Important Information 152
I-130 Petition for Alien Relative 152
  Medical Examinations 152
  Consular Visa Fees 152
  Adjustment of Status Fees 153
  Numerical Limitations 153
  Miscellaneous 153
  How to Apply for a Social Security Number Card 153
  Questions? 154
Employment-Based Green Cards 154
  Employment First Preference (EB-1) 154
  Employment Second Preference (EB-2) 155
  Employment Third Preference (EB-3) 155
  Employment Fourth Preference (EB-4) 156
  Employment Fifth Preference (EB-5) 156
Labor Certification 157
  Individual Labor Certification (PERM) 157
  Schedule "A" Designation 157
  Labor Market Information Pilot Program 158
  I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker 158
  Visa Ineligibility/Waiver 158
  Political Asylees and Refugees 158
APPENDIX A Green Card Lottery Service Provider Questionaire 161
APPENDIX B Sample Winning Letter for DV-2011 163
APPENDIX C Occupations Requiring 2 Years Training or Experience 165
APPENDIX D Lottery Winners Allocated by Country for DV-2015 175
APPENDIX E Guidelines for Producing High Quality Photographs 179
Setup and Production Guidelines 180
  Proper Lighting Arrangement 180
  Camera/Subject Position 181
  Photograph Print Properties 181
Composition Checklist 182
  Content 182
  Head Position 182
  Use the Photo Check Website 182
  No Retouching or Image Stretching 183
  Well-Composed Photos 184
Brightness, Contrast, & Color 184
  Photo Too Dark 185
  Correct Contrast 185
  Natural Color 186
Head Position & Background 186
  No Glare on Glasses or Shadows on Face 188
Exposure and Lighting 189
Resolution and Printing Quality 190
  No Pixelation 190
  No Visible Dot Pattern 191
Introduction to Digital (Electronic) Photographs 192
  Image Formats 192
  Picture Sizes are Measured in Pixels 192
  Color Depth is Measured in Bits 183
  Image Size 193
How to Take Good Digital Pictures 193
How to Scan Existing Photos 193
Buy Win the Green Card Lottery now from Google
Glossary 195
Index 207
Back Cover 208

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Information Web

CHAPTER 1 - Introduction  
CHAPTER 2 - Registration Instructions  
CHAPTER 3 - Using a Lottery Service or Agent  
CHAPTER 4 - Residential Requirements    
CHAPTER 5 - Personal Requirements    
CHAPTER 6 - Determine if you Won and What to do Next    
CHAPTER 7 - Consular Processing    
CHAPTER 8 - Adjustment Of Status (AOS) in the U.S.    
CHAPTER 9 - Other Ways to Get a Green Card    
APPENDIX A - Green Card Lottery Service Provider Questionnaire
APPENDIX B - Sample Winning Letter for DV-2011    
APPENDIX C - Occupations Requiring Two Years Training or Experience    
APPENDIX D - Lottery Visas Allocated by Country    
APPENDIX E - Guidelines for Producing High Quality Photos
List of all lottery services in our review
List of top lottery services
List of losers (sites with major penalties)
When to use a lottery service
Disadvantages of using a service
Guidelines for lottery service owners
Site type classifications
Average Fees
Average Service ratings
Average Information ratings
Average Total Point ratings
Bar charts and scatter plots for each rating criteria      
Reviewer comments for each service      
SurveyMonkey data for each service      
Total points earned for each service      
Fees for 1 person, for 1 year and 2 years      
Fees for 2 persons, for 1 years and 2 years      
Contact information (address, phone, fax, email) for each site.      
List of URLs that are duplicates of the sites we review      
List of URLs that redirect to the sites we review      
Detailed Ratings for each site      
Data sorts and graphics      

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