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Diversity Visa Lottery Winners Only

Green Card Lottery Service Reviews

About this Page. Our Green Card Lottery Service Provider Ratings are listed in the table below. See our Top Rated Services. If you wonder why you may need to use a good lottery service or an attorney -- versus entering yourself -- Please read this article published in the New York Times by Atossa Araxia Abrahamian.

We Rate Lottery Services Each Year by fee, quality and breadth of service, reputation, user collaboration, attorney contacts, technical support and more. If you want to comment on a particular service, please visit our Facebook Page.

Need More Information On The Lottery? Visit our FAQs page. Or Download our FREE immigration publications. Purchase the COMPLETE edition of "Win the Green Card Lottery!"

Contact Us. If you find another service we missed with great service, reasonable fees, and has all the information you need, please let us know. If you've had a bad experience Contact Us. With your help we can continue be a watchdog for scam sites and spotlight those services that provide what you need.

Top-Rated Green Card Lottery Services

Our top-rated service providers are listed below. None are affiliated with the U.S. government.
  USAGC Organization– New York, New York, USA.
 "The American Dream" – Berlin, GERMANY.
  Green Card Lottery Experts – New York, NY, USA.

The information below was provided by participating leading lottery service owners that specialize in providing services for immigrants. They do not represent a recommendation for any particular service. Top-rated services and ratings may change at any time during the year.

Descriptions were provided by advertisers but edited for length and clarity. They are not affiliated with the U.S. government.
Enter the 2016 green card lottery now is one of the largest international sites in the Diversity Visa (Green Card) category in the world, with five offices worldwide and more on the way. invests in customer service by "... operating an international call center in 10+ languages, using a live chat service; a U.S. toll free number and local number in every office." They also offer additional products to potential immigrants. uses their own servers to better support its clients from all over the world, which enables them to save money. uses a secure payment system licensed by Thawte and has a top score from and McAfee.


Key Description
F Failed 19 services failed our testing; use at your own risk
T Top Site 5 services received the highest point totals in our reviews (at least 6 out of 10 points)
P Passed 19 services passed our reviews
L Link Site 10 are just domains with links to other active sites; some or most are for sale
D Duplicate 11 are duplicates of an existing primary domain
R Redirects 15 redirect to another website or service

Top Lottery Services. If a service's web site redirects lottery applicants to another URL, or is a duplicate of the primary domain, we rate only the primary domain, and we label the other domains with an "R" (redirects). The primary domain must also be the service that confirms the registration and provides support for the lottery entrant.

Missed Your Service? Please Let Us Know. If you find this information useful, please Tell-A-Friend.

Disclaimer. These ratings do not constitute a recommendation for a specific lottery service and can change at any time. In the spirit of full disclosure, top ranked sites with a "*" are also advertisers. We only accept advertising from top-rated services.

Service URL Rating   Service URL Rating P D L D R F D
P P F L D F D P F L L P R P P R R L F T T T T T R P   * T L P P R D F R T
* T F F F P P L P R F F R P D P F F F R   usgreencardoffice F L F P D L P L R D P R   D

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Poorly-Rated Green Card Lottery Services

Avoid these "red-flagged" websites. Some of these services may be ranked highly by Google.
Many have very attractive websites.

These services were rated as exceptionally poor
and failed our tests for reasons we describe below.



About the Worst Services

Obsolete Requirements. Most services that failed our testing displayed obsolete lottery requirements that are two years (or more) out of date. Other services seem to be inactive at the time of our reviews. For example, if they still reference "DV-2014" or "DV-2016" and fail to respond to emails or telephone calls, we assume they are no longer in business (and neither should you). Most of these sites fail to list the visa ineligible countries or fail their own tests for the same.

Missing Contact Information. Other services were failed if they are missing a physical address or other contact information and fail to respond to multiple requests from us to provide it.

Exceptionally Poor Service. If a firm has been reported multiple times for poor service and did not respond to reasonable requests for refunds they may be failed. Of course we expect larger, more active services to have more complaints. Even Apple has thousands of dissatisfied customers. But if we see a pattern of problems with one company and they fail respond to complaints, they will likely fail our reviews.

Malware. Several failed websites were infected with malware and viruses. Others were failed for attempting to mimic a U.S. government website.

Let us Know. Please let us know if you have problems with any firm that we rate as "Passed" or as a "Top Site." Conversely if you've had a great experience with a service then let us know too.

Lottery Service Review Criteria

How We Rate Lottery Services. Below describes how we rate each lottery services. To earn a perfect score, a lottery service must have a rating of 10 points. Our reviews are less critical for applicants since Google is now replicating some of our work. Google has been reviewing green card lottery websites before they are allowed to advertise using Adwords to assure the user that the ad is not deceptive. This is both a blessing and a curse for lottery service operators because Google can be overly strict in their reviews. But at least you (an applicant) can be assured that if you click on a website in Google that advertises green card lottery services they are likely to be legitimate. This means that most or all of our failed websites no longer appear in searches for "green card lottery" in Google. So this is a good reason to use Google's search engine rather than Bing.

Fee (2 points)

Low Prices. We rate published fees for one person for (1) year and (2) years, and for two persons for (1) year for (2) years. Two person entries are sometimes called “family” applications. We DO NOT rank prices beyond two (2) years because lottery eligibility rules and the applicant's personal information can change every year, unless the data is maintained each year. Low prices are worth two points out of 10. Prices were converted from Euros to USD based on an exchange rate of 1.42 U.S. dollars to 1.00 Euro.

Discounts. Some sites give discounts for entering early or for sending referrals. Other sites publish different prices for online entries versus applications sent by mail. If two prices are listed, we list fees for applications sent by mail, reflecting our bias toward sites that provide truly useful services. If prices vary according to entry date, we use the price listed for an early October entry. We do not rate discounted prices for very early entries.

Additional Fees. Note that many services rightly charge additional fees for multi-year entries and for Airline Tickets to come to the United States if you win. Some sell Immigration-related publications that can also raise the average price of doing business with a service.

Information Content (2 points)

Basic Information. Some sites do not even provide the basic U.S. State Department information available at If they do provide this information, it is usually located in an “FAQ” (Frequently Asked Questions) link located on their site. They should also list or provide a link to the U.S. Department of State O*Net codes page listing the occupations requiring at least two years training or experience to perform. .

Attorney Contacts. There are many situations that require the services of an immigration attorney. If the site provides links to immigration services they are awarded 1 point. If they have links to information for winners (jobs information, housing, etc) in the USA, they also get an extra point.

Service (4 points)

Since we are rating green card lottery services, we believe this category should be weighted most heavily at 4 points out of 10. Some sites only accept digital photographs. If the site does not accept standard hardcopy photos we do not award a point. Furthermore, sites should not require you to register just to get an answer to this basic question.

Telephone Number. A telephone number should be available if you are doing business with a reputable lottery service. A "yes" is worth 1 point. If we cannot easily find the phone number, we do not award a point. Some have a 24 x 7 toll free hotlines for international callers.

Contact Information. Complete contact information (name of service, physical address, email, twitter account, fax number) is worth a point.

Forum. A discussion forum for registered users is a nice feature. Ideally, these boards are moderated by an immigration attorney skilled in U.S. immigration law. Presence of a message board is worth one point.

Service Complaints. Multiple complaints about a service will take away points.

Member Collaboration (2 points)

Twitter. Twitter can be a particularly useful real time way to communicate. Presence of an active twitter service is worth one point.

Facebook. A Facebook page will also add a point.

Penalty Points

In our review, we subtract 1 point from their total score if they violate the standards listed below. Although these mistakes may be due to mere sloppiness, it may also indicate negligence or that the service is inactive or understaffed. Another reason we penalize a site is if we receive multiple unresolved complaints about their service.

We take away 1 point if the site contains some of the most obvious red flags, reflecting our bias against potential lottery scam sites. This interpretation can be subjective and significantly lower the site's score, so we tend to err on the side of the lottery service. We encourage site owners to dispute our findings if incorrect and clear up any issues. Sites cannot earn less than 0 points.

How We Group DV Lottery Services

The distinction between lottery services is not always clear-cut. they range from green card lottery-only providers that enter your electronic entry on your behalf, to those that also offer complete legal services. Some are law firms of all sizes that also help green card lottery winners.

Dedicated Green Card Lottery Sites specialize in processing green card lottery applications. If they focus more on providing other legal services, we classify them as a General Immigration Service.

Immigration Services process immigration forms of all kinds, including student visas, H-1B visas, green cards, and green card lottery applications. They usually have immigration attorneys available for a consult (for an extra fee).

Immigration Law Firms handle general immigration issues and provide green card lottery registration as an additional service, but for a larger fee. They tend to focus on immigration casework and provide legal assistance to lottery winners. We review law firms only if they advertise for the lottery.

All three types of services should excel in mass registering users for the lottery at the official government web site. They should check your photo to confirm they meet the current guidelines. They should provide you with your official confirmation number, and have a process to notify you if you won (after all, that is what you are paying them for.)

Our current opinion is that an established, dedicated Green Card Lottery site with good service and immigration attorney contacts is the best choice (assuming you need a service at all). This is because they are usually prepared to handle the extra heavy application workload during the green card lottery open registration period. However an Immigration Law Firm is unlikely to be disreputable but the cost can be significantly higher, especially if you use their services if you win. However many or most winners will need to consult an attorney at some point anyway. An Immigration Service is between the two extremes, but some charge for forms that are free at government web sites. Of course, all services should track your application once you have completed your registration.

Why Use a Service Provider?

This section explains when you may need or prefer to use third party assistance to enter the diversity visa lottery. We also list Guidelines for ethical lottery services, tips to avoid scam sites, and typical Scam Letters.

Although most applicants can register for the lottery themselves for free at the official government website during the 30-day open registration period, there are several good reasons to use a good lottery service.

For one, applicants can use an ethical lottery service any time of year and not scramble with changing dates each year. Others like the idea of getting their application and photo reviewed for errors. And some are willing to pay quite a bit more for free airfare for winners and multi-year entries. But in most cases, just the convenience of letting someone else notify you if you win (and keep your confirmation number safe) are sufficient reasons to use a service, especially if they have contacts with good U.S.-based immigration attorneys.

For more detailed information, read on...

Convenience. Unfortunately, the U.S. State Department changes the open registration dates for the lottery each year. And now, the registration period is only 30 days instead of 60 days as in past years. One key benefit of using a service is the convenience of registering any time of the year without worrying about missed registration deadlines. If you cannot easily register within the open registration period then use a service. Two year registrations are nice too so you don't have to go through the process all over again next year.

Lost Confirmation Numbers. It is easy to lose your official confirmation number after you enter, especially since so much time elapses since your entry and your Electronic Status Check. If you lose your number you cannot check your entry and you cannot win -- just like any other lottery. However, it is now possible to get your lost confirmation number, so this is less of reason to use a lottery service.

Poor English Language Skills. If your English language skills are weak, then a lottery service can help. The service should either correct mistakes for you or return your registration and tell you where to make the correction. Since millions of applications were prepared incorrectly in past years, there seems to be a clear need for this type of service.

Lack of Computer Access. You must have access to a digital camera to take your picture, or a scanner to digitize your photographs at the correct resolution. If you do not have computer technology available, you may wish to send a standard photograph to your lottery service so they can scan your picture at the correct resolution and size, and enter your information electronically for you.

Travel Costs Paid. Some services pay for your travel (airfare) to the USA if you win. Since travel costs can be prohibitively expensive, many applicants are willing to pay extra for this option. However, be advised that travel costs are only the start of the expenses if you win. For example, there is a $304 immigrant visa fee, and a $440 diversity visa fee, per family member if you are immigrating from outside the U.S. (All this and more is explained in detail in our booklet).

Other Advantages. Lottery services should spend extra time checking your personal data and cleaning up poor photographs that would normally be rejected by the government. Some accept applications received as late as one week before the closing date of the lottery but usually charge an additional fee for processing last minute applications. Any reputable service should provide you with your official confirmation number in a timely manner after they enter your application with the U.S. Government in October. This will allow you to check yourself online to see if you won.


Below is a summary of myGreencard guidelines to help you avoid potential problems when using a lottery service. Our warnings are more stringent than those listed at the FTC site. In our reviews, we penalize sites that have these red flag warnings where applicable.

  • FIRST, emails from the "U.S. State Department" and anyone else requesting money claiming you are a green card lottery winner is a FRAUD. the U.S. State Department never requests money until your visa interview. PERIOD.
  • SECOND, never use "Notarios". PERIOD.
  • AVOID unsolicited calls from any service that you have never done business with (or visited their website) that asks for your credit card number over the phone. They may claim you "won" a VIP selection or that they "received your application". Some sites charge your credit card and fail to deliver any service. Or just as serious, they may enter incomplete or inaccurate information which could disqualify you from receiving a visa if you win. And some callers may impersonate legitimate services.
  • AVOID paying lottery services in advance for more than two years, since your personal information and the lottery rules can change from year to year rendering the information you supplied obsolete. In general, do not pay for extended 5-10 year offers unless you provide new photos and updated profile information each year.
  • AVOID any lottery website that claims to be "official" or implies they are associated with a U.S. government agency. NO lottery service has a government affiliation. Avoid any service that uses "Kentucky Consular Center" in their headings.
  • AVOID lottery services that "guarantee" you will win.
  • AVOID lottery services that claim to increase the chances of your registration being drawn, since the lottery is based on a random computer drawing.
  • AVOID lottery services that list obsolete eligibility information. Specifically, avoid services that still include signature information or fail to list all visa-ineligible countries.
  • AVOID lottery services that attempt to fool you into believing you are accessing an official U.S. government site. These operators often use government icons and images to impersonate a government web address and use a Washington DC-based physical address. They should post a disclaimer that they are not affiliated with the U.S. government.
  • AVOID lottery services that do not provide you with your official U.S. State Department confirmation number for you to obtain the status your unique entry. Ethical services should provide this number by mail or email after they register your application with the U.S. government in October.
  • AVOID lottery services that fail to list their fees until you register.
  • AVOID lottery services do not provide an "about us" page with contact information (physical address, e-mail address and telephone number) to reach them if questions arise about your application.
  • AVOID lottery services that force you to register before they provide their contact information.
  • AVOID lottery services that do not have contacts with a licensed immigration attorney either on-staff or by referral.
  • AVOID lottery services that include an "eligibility test" but fail to mention work requirements for those without a secondary school education.
  • AVOID lottery services that fail to provide a link to the U.S. Department of State's O*Net occupation listings or list those occupations that require two years of training or experience for those applicants without a secondary high school education.
  • AVOID lottery services that do not warn you about sending in your application very close to the registration deadline.
  • AVOID sending in multiple applications, unless both you AND your spouse BOTH qualify for the lottery separately since the government can now detect multiple applications using facial recognition technology. Note that you will lose your entire U.S. government visa application fee if your duplicate application is detected afterwards. Especially be careful if you are unsure if a lottery service entered your application. If you also enter, then your application will be detected as a duplicate.

Remember, these are ideal guidelines which, if followed, would earn a service a perfect "10" rating (out of 10). All firms violate at least one of these criteria. This does not mean they are an illigitimate service.

Disadvantages of Using a Service

Lottery scams are difficult to spot. Some charge you an entry fee but then fail to send in your entry. Since the government does not notify lottery losers, you never know if the service is cheating you. Others get to you pay huge fees for "multi-year" entries and then fail to send in your entry or send it in with errors. Some send fake winning letters by email or by local postal mail, requesting money.

Handling Incorrect Entries. Many sites "guarantee" that only correct entries will be submitted. Unfortunately they do not always explain how they will handle an incorrectly submitted entry. They should either call you or e-mail you to let you know there is a problem with your registration. Otherwise, if they simply return your application, then it may be too late for you to correct the problem and send it back to the service, especially if you live in an area with poor mail service. This entire process will take more time and money than if you entered the lottery yourself and follow the instructions.

New Government Specifications. This is becoming more of a problem now since the government is continually changing their processes. Some changes by the government will require lottery service operators to reprogram their systems or risk being incompatible with the government's ever-changing specifications. For example, what happens if you previously submitted a 300 pixel x 300 pixel image at 150 dpi to your lottery service provider? (The current requirement is 600 pixels x 600 pixel at 300 dpi.) Your provider should either rescan your hardcopy photograph for you or request a higher resolution image. We expect the government will continue to change their processes and rules, rendering obsolete some software used by lottery services. Of course, if they can't reach the applicant, or if the applicant doesn't respond in time to their lottery service, then he or she is out of luck.

Charge You Money If You Win. Unscrupulous agents and operators charge money if you win. If you are EVER charged a fee if you win, please contact us and forward us the letter from your agent. We will publish the letter on our site, without your personal details.

Multiple Applications. Some services have been known to enter multiple applications on your behalf to increase the chances of your entry being selected. Although this may have worked in the past, the current automated system easily catches multiple entries with advanced face-recognition technology and disqualifies the applicant.

False Claims. More typically, disreputable lottery services simply lure customers with false claims. For example, any service that claims to be "number one," "never had an application rejected," or "guarantee you will win" are classic false claims. Remember too, you CANNOT judge a scam visa lottery site by the quality of their web page or their advertisements. In our experience many of the better looking sites earned the lowest point totals. For the official U.S. Federal Trade Commission warning on green card lottery scams, visit:

Applicant Fraud. Applicants are not innocent either, with some using false identifications, especially educational documents.

Top-Rated Lottery Services

Sample Fraud "Winners" Letters

Here are examples of fraudulent emails sent to "winners" on behalf of the United States Department of State, USAFIS, and, most recently, USAGC. (These letters are all very similar.) Remember, the U.S. State Department does not send winning letters by email. Note the numerous typographical errors in most of these communications. This is sure sign of fraud.


US Department of State
National Visa Center
32-Rochester Avenue. Portsmouth NH

(Case-Number): WAC2014648110
April 30, 2014

Dear Winner,
Congratulations!- You have been selected among the lucky-winners of the (U.S. Green Card) fore fiscal year (2014). Winners were selected randomly (via) computer draw system of email extrasitons. We are sending the winning letters through the-selected email-addresses. To rceive the green card; you need to apply and obtain the U.S. immigrant visa which is for permanent residence in the United States. The-visa will permit you to travel to the United-States to receive the (green card).
How Can I apply for the Immigrant Visa?
Please complete forms (DS-230) for yourself and all-accompanying family-members. The forms will be used to file your immigration-visa petitions and the National-Visa-Center to provess your visas and schedule-your visa interview appointments at the U.S. Embassy nearest to you for-the issuance of your visas.
Where Can I find forms-DS-230?
Download-forms DS-230 here_ DS-230: Application for Immigant Visa-n
How Can I complete form DS-230?
Complete the form using-this-Sample DS-230-Application for Immigrant visa-n

[ additional text ]

Date 29 January 2011

Subject: USAFIS Organization - Diversity Visa (DV) Program winner to: your name

You accepted to receive messages from USAFIS Organization on the following date: 2010-07-06T08:35:28.320 We wish to notify you that you have been selected as one of the Diversity Visa (DV) Program winner for receiving a United States Permanent Resident Card.

It is also known as the Green Card Lottery. The lottery has been administered on an annual basis by the Department of State and conducted under the terms of Section 203(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Section 131 of the Immigration Act of 1990 (Pub. L. 101-649) amended INA 203 to provide for a new class of immigrants known as "diversity immigrants" (DV immigrants).

As part of the agreement we will issue A FREE Airline ticket from your country to the USA to claim your Green Card under the American Green Card Lottery Program. The ticket will be sent via post mail at your address registered with us once your visa will be remitted by the U.S department of State. The U.S Department of State will should contact you soon with visa processing information and how to proceed further. If you have any question regarding the visa please contact the U.S Department of State directly as we do not have any competency to discuss further details with you.

What should you do now? Wait for the U.S Department of State to contact you and give you the information about visa processing and how to proceed further.

Best regards,
Costumer Service Team
The USAFIS Organization

You accepted to receive messages from USAFIS Organization on the following date: 2010-07-06T08:35:28.320 For reference, your computer IP: your ip address was recorded to confirm your registration.

To no longer receive messages from USAFIS Organization, please click the following link: Click Here OR Send a postal request to: USAFIS Organization 2576 Broadway # 443 New York, NY 10025 U.S.A.


Department of State July 24 2009
Bureau of Consular Affairs
Kentucky Consular Center (KCC)

Congratulations! You were among those randomly selected and registered for further consideration in the DV-2009 diversity immigrant program for fiscal year 2009.

This success notification letter on your success in DV-2009 as you applied has been sent to you via e-mail owing to failed attempts at getting your response after the normal letter was sent by post. We are assuming that the letter has been lost en transit hence this as the last resort.

Indicate your interest or otherwise to this notification by getting in touch with your processing correspondent Frank Wallace’s through his e-mail: with the following:

1. Your CURRENT contact address (Re-confirm for record purposes),
2. SCANNED copies of your RECENT passport photograph,
3. Telephone number,
4. Marital status,
5. Age,
6. Occupation.

Note that the passport photograph must be taken within the last six months, and must be 35mmsq or 2 inches by 2 inches. You should also provide the passport photographs of your spouse and other dependents; (if applicable) depending on the type of your application, during registration. Your case number is 2009AES00023472.

For further information get in touch with the Clearance Officer Deborah Settle through his e-mail, for instructions on how to pay the clearance/acceptance fees which is $429.67 for single applicant and $729.67 for family applicants. The payment of the fees ensures that your file is cleared for processing.

At the completion of the processing of your file (which shall be after the above requirements have been provided), you shall be provided with your Visa Lottery Acknowledgment Card with which you may then contact our Embassy for the issuance of your Green Card proper.
N.B- Please note that the attached form has to be filled with black pen and is to be attached to your e-mail box and send it back to us including your international passport page details and the processing fee receipt showing the payment details so that we can process your file within 5-working days.

Note that this country's Code of Conduct and Constitution Vol.176/866:Act 690SN guiding all immigration, and Green Card permit Agencies, dictates that 15 working days after the dispatch of this e-mail, that all such notified winners who fail to comply to the provisions herein contained, shall lose the opportunity.


Elizabeth Scott,
Diversity Visa Lottery Coordinator,
Bureau of Consular Affairs,
U.S. Department of State.



usgreencardservices at

After a careful review of your application, the DV lottery board using it's computer system is pleased to inform you that you have won the DV visa lottery 2009 which automatically gives you an automatic green card and visa to the USA as US citizen and a flight ticket. Please click the link below to follow the procedures to request your winning visa documents and flight ticket sent to you:

If the above link does not work, please copy and paste it into your browser. Congratulations. From, US Department of State.



The-Official U.S Green Card-Program
United States Department of State, National Visa Center
65 Rochester Ave. (Portsmouth. NH 03801-2909)

Congratulations! You are among the lucky selected winners of the U.S Green Card lottery program of the 2007/08 edition which was conducted under the terms of Section 203 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) Section 131 of the Immigration Act of 2006 (Pub.L.101-649)

Your registered e-mail address alongside 5.3 million e-mail addresses were randomly extracted during the 66-days extraction period that ran from (11.00 AM on December 8, 2007 until midnight, February, 11 2008) The-email addresses were assigned to different-ticket numbers for representation for final selection, and your-email address attached to N0-# #####-drew-the numbers that won you the U.S Green-Card.

Notification is through the selected-email addresses with Case Numbers. Approximately 575 winners had been notified through their selected-email addresses including you today (Thu 11-09-2008)

Your visa type permits you to travel to the U.S with your family members. All selected winners and accompanying family members will get the constant legal status of the U.S inhabitant, an opportunity of free country entrance and departure, the right to be working legally and getting American salary, Green Card holders also receive health, education, retirement, taxation, social security and other benefits.

The visas have been apportioned among the six geographic regions and our Green Card processing experts had been apportioned among the six geographic regions. Your-Green Card-winning details falls within our Asia-pacific region office as indicated and we have forwarded your win-ning details to our Asia-Pacific office for the-processing of your Green Card registration and immigrant visa issuance application documents with your Case Number.

Therefore, For Your Green Card And Visa Issuance Application Forms And Requirements, contact our Asia-pacific office to which your case has been assigned. Contact them with the below contact details:

Contact Person: Mr. Mark Howard.
Address: Indra Tower Suite 105, 75/6 Wireless Road Panthumwam Bangkok Thailand.
Tel: 66-835 619 209 66-843 578 622
Fax: 66-2251 9977
Email: nscis@America.Hm

If it should be necessary to contact our Asia-Pacific office by telephone, you must always refer to your Case Number as they appear below. Your Case Number is clearly written at the lower left hand corner of your notification letter.

Please read and follow all the enclosed instructions very carefully. You and your accompanying family members will obtain your visas through the U.S Embassy in your home country or your nearest U.S Embassy. You will be notified of your visa interview appointment and should go to the Embassy when directed with your processed documents and visa interview appointment letter for the issuance of your visa. All visa issuance are scheduled by appointment only.

You will need to act on your visa issuance application quickly before the expiration of the visa issuance deadline which is on the 11-10-2008

The processing fee which all the selected winners must pay are as follows:
Single- $970USD
Dual/family- $1,490USD

The processing fee pays for the accuracy preparation of every document, Green card experts charges a nominal fee to cover administrative and processing costs incurred in conjunction with the careful processing of every document.

According to J.Stevenson Wilson, Author of Visa Lottery services Report, the total average fee charged by Green-Card lottery services ($970USD) for one person, there is no correlation between the fee charged and the quality of services provided and its- benefits.

Prior to the submission of the completed filled forms and requirements, please note the followings:

All forms and correspondencies should-be directed to our Asia-Pacific office where your case has been assigned. Fees should be made payable to our Asia-Pacific office for the processing of your documents. Your documents will be post to you once the processing is completed.

Case Number ****************
Foreign -State-chargeability: Asia-Pacific

Selected winners living legally in the United States who wish to pursue their Green Card status should contact any of our regional offices where their winning details falls for information's on the requirements and procedures.

Selected winners from the following countries are not eligible: Mexico-Brazil-Canada-Elsalvador-Jamaica-Peru-Korea-Dominican Republic-Philippines-Vietnam-Taiwan-China-Russia-India-Pakistan and United-Kingdom (except Northern-Ireland and its dependent countries)

Do not reply to this notification e-mail (busy)

Best regards,
Mrs. Roselyn Williams.
Secretary General , US Consulate-Kentucky.

Visa Lottery Services Report
Available now

Green Card Lottery Service Provider Ratings Green Card Lottery Statistics

The complete report with individual ratings in spreadsheet format is now available for $2250 USD. Contact Us if you are interested in receiving the report.

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