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Immigration News & Opinion
Weekly Headlines
Wed - Jan 17, 2018

Welcome to Weekly Immigration News and Opinion Headlines from This page links to summaries of the most relevant and progressive immigration news and opinion for U.S. immigrants, foreign students, skilled professionals, tourists, and others seeking U.S. visas, lawful permanent residence, or U.S. citizenship. We particularly cover all news related to comprehensive immigration reform. Primary news sources range from the EE Times to the New York Times to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. We publish each week no later than Monday 9:00 AM Mountain Time (GMT-6). Also read our blog, "Degrees of Freedom" hosted on

Much Of Trump Immigration Plan Not 'Radical' In GOP Circles -, Aug - 18, 2015 Donald Trump Is Making Immigration A Nightmare For Republicans -, Aug - 18, 2015
Marco Rubio: Donald Trump's Immigration Plan is Unworkable -, Aug - 18, 2015 Rubio: Trump Immigration Plan Has No Chance In Congress -, Aug - 18, 2015
As Immigration Backlog Surges, Some Overwhelmed Judges Retire -, Aug - 18, 2015 Anti-Immigration Extremists Love Trump -, Aug - 18, 2015
What's In Donald Trump's Immigration Plan And How It Could Affect The GOP -, Aug - 18, 2015 Trump Dumps His Immigration Plan on America -, Aug - 18, 2015
Locking Up Children Won't Solve Immigration System's Problem -, Aug - 18, 2015 Trump Might be Helping Immigration Debate -, Aug - 18, 2015
Never Mind Ann Coulter; the Immigration Crisis is Phony -, Aug - 18, 2015 U.S. Asks Judge to Drop Immigration Plan Contempt Hearing -, Aug - 03, 2015
Immigration Activists Accuse Bernie Sanders Of Using GOP Talking Points -, Aug - 03, 2015 Trump's Immigration Plan Would Cost Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars -, Aug - 03, 2015
The Anti-Immigrant Binge in Congress -, Aug - 03, 2015 Nativism Rears its Big-Haired Head: Donald Trump's Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric is a Sad Return to a Terrible American Tradition -, Aug - 03, 2015
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